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Where Used Easily stand up from toilet, bed, wheel chair or regular chair

Amazingly simple, ingeniously effective, with no moving parts.  Snap together and use.

Easy to use Grasp the handle, lean forward and pull.  Leverage, along with the body's moving center of gravity makes rising easy.

Patient lifting has nearly been eliminated, in nursing homes, hospitals and rehabs.  It has been described as a "God Send" by care givers.

Portable  Quickly disassembles for storage or transport.  Only weights 17 pounds.  Sturdy commercial, metal unit has powder coated finish for ease of cleaning.

Reduces strength needed to stand, by up to 95% 150 lb. Person can lift themselves with only 8 lbs. of pressure.

Enjoy self-sufficiency and freedom

Comfortable  patented device eliminates pushing force found in lift chairs that causes pain and discomfort to arthritis, hip patients and others

Stroke / paralyzed have been able to rise, utilizing knee support for disabled leg and with use of only one arm.

Eliminate embarrassing need for help to rise from toilet.

Built in hand rail helps user steady themselves after rising if light headed or dizzy.  Handrail also allows user to easily be seated without "falling" into the chair or bed.

Available all night to assist, when needed.

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